The History

Envirocomp was set up in New Zealand in 2009.

Karen and Karl Upston, New Zealand parents of two, developed the process in collaboration with HotRot Organic Solutions using existing HotRot patented technology.

Karen and Karl had owned a business selling both disposable and cloth nappies. With two children themselves, they were aware of and felt guilty about how many nappies they were contributing to landfill, but as busy parents found the convenience of disposable nappies very attractive.

They decided to trial composting disposable nappies on a commercial scale, and contacted HotRot Organic Solutions (NZ) Ltd, manufacturers of the HotRot range of in-vessel composting systems, for advice and guidance. To their great delight, HotRot Organic Solutions (NZ) Ltd prototype composting unit was currently being stored in Auckland and they were offered the use of this technology for the trial.

The five month trial involved over 200 families, six pre schools, the local maternity hospital, elderly residents and a Christchurch Branch of the IHC. Over the five months approximately 450,000 nappies were composted, which equated to 56 tonnes.

The business was acquired in 2011 by OCS, the international facilities services group and a UK plant was opened in 2013.