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Did you know that the average baby could go through up to 12 nappies per day? Or before the age of potty training the average child goes through 4,000 nappies?

With these figures it is no surprise that the UK produces up to 400,000 tonnes of nappies each year, all of which is currently being disposed of into landfill.

Now, there is a solution to this problem which is creating between 2-4% of total landfill waste in the United Kingdom each year. Envirocomp is the world’s first composting solution for nappy, sanitary and incontinence waste. Instead of sending the waste to landfill, Envirocomp processes it to in turn create a pathogen free compost which can be used for non-food agriculture, land reclamation and leisure areas.envirocomp

Envirocomp is the perfect solution for nurseries and businesses that are looking to meet compliance targets whilst also disposing of nappy and sanitary waste in an environmentally friendly way.

The risk of cross-contamination

But what about the risk of infectious bacteria that could be spread from soiled disposable nappies? The solution is simple. In partnership with Envirocomp, Cannon Hygiene offers a hygienic, convenient and modern infant care service. Cannon Hygiene’s nappy disposal units are hygienic and fully replaced on schedule with 99.999% of all germs eliminated. All of Cannon Hygiene’s units use the exclusive environmentally friendly germicide Activap to treat waste and reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

For more information on the Envirocomp composting service please contact Envirocomp or to find out more about Activap or our other washroom services please contact Cannon Hygiene International.

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